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Time For a HUGE Update

Hey, this is Seda.

A lot has happened in this house.  We lost my big sis, Reb, and I still miss her terribly!  However, I do have a new best friend next door.  She is a pom-a-poo named Lucy.  She's like having a live squeaky toy that chases me!  We went trick or treating together this past October.  I was a cheerleader!
I also went to Dog Bowl again in Frankenmuth MI.  More people there than ever before.  Ran into a few old friends there.  It is the largest dog event in this neck of the woods.......http://dogfunfest.com/ I went with Lexi again.
NOW for the REALLY big news.  We have a foster dog.  Her name is Izzy and she won't play with me.  She keeps going after GiGi and Lotto and the whole house is crazy right now!  So glad I have Lucy and Gracie next door.  I just love everyone and I want her to love me!  
My mom also wanted me to tell everyone about the place she uses for microchipping.  It is called VIP Pet Care. They have clinics in local feed stores in different areas.   It is only $10 for a chip with lifetime enrollment at http://www.foundanimals.org/.  The clinic link to find a place near you(hopefully) is https://www.vippetcare.com/

And DON'T forget the Universal Microchip Lookuphttp://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/

So, I am off to help the cats plot their next move against Izzy!

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